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3 Colours Coffee, Light Grey and Charcoal

Searching for a strong, long-lasting lightweight contemporary decking choice? Look no further than our hollow composite decking.

The boards have been specifically designed with strength and durability in mind. Thanks to the unique internal honeycomb design, the hollow boards are stronger than many of our competitors’ solid boards. This product is also durable, easy to install and maintain.


Hollow composite decking is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Boasting a beautiful, natural finish and a range of colours to choose from, these boards complement any outdoor style. All boards are made of approximately 90% recycled materials and are tested to the highest standards.

Hollow composite boards offer a cost-effective solution and can be installed either groove side up or by using the wood grain finish on the reverse of the boards. The hollow boards measure 143mm x 23mm x 3.6m, and are available in grey, coffee and charcoal which match SAiGE composite fences and composite balustrades.

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