Oakio Woodgrain Composite Cladding


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Woodgrain Finish is available in Light Grey, Dark Grey and Dark Brown 

Price per board 3.6 mtr x 156mm x 21mm – £26.50 

Woodgrain colour coded edging/finishing strips (3.6M x 65mmx 65mm)£15

Woodgrain colour coded fascia board – £34.50 

Verigated Woodgrain finish available in Smoke White, Mahogany and Amber 

Price per board 3.6 mtr x 156mm x 21mm – £29 

Verigated Woodgrain colour coded edging/finishing strips (3.6M x 65 x 65) £15

Verigated Woodgrain colour coded fascia board £34.50


Starter clips (per 10)£12.50

Fixing screws (per 250)£45

Our composite cladding doesn’t fade or degrade like wood, so the inspired aesthetic you envisioned will endure year after year. This composite cladding is the ultimate solution for your exterior project.

It is easy to install and we provide installation manuals to help.

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Traditional Woodgrain composite cladding captures the beauty and warmth of natural hardwoods, complete with subtle streaking, varied grain patterns and rich colour palettes.

Designed to complement our range of decking which will enable you to carry the colour and finishes throughout your garden design.


  • Never needs to be sealed, painted or stained.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Outperforms wood alternatives on fade resistant
  • No maintenance is needed.
  • Splinter-free
  • Crack-resistant.
  • No issues with warping or cracking.
  • easy to install


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How durable is your composite products?

The durability of our composite materials are a combination between recycled plastic and wood fibers. This allows for an authentic-looking product with significantly longer lifespan than traditional timbers alternatives, made up 95% from renewable resources making it good choice environmentally too

What are the benefits of using composite products in your garden?

Composite products are a great way to add functional and protective value in your garden, without sacrificing style. These materials can be used for walks or paths as well as borders around plants that need extra protection from soil tracking inside the boundaries of their pots/vases; they make fantastic edging on patios too! Why not give them ago?

Composite products vs Timber

Timber is the traditional material of choice for decking, fencing and cladding, but composite materials have become more popular recently. For starters- timber comes from trees while composites arise mainly through recycling waste products like plastic bottles or other discarded items; secondly there's no difference between how they're processed so long as it meets specific criteria (pressure heating); finally most cost effectively producing them requires extensive machinery investment with higher initial investments than either wood production lines

How easy is it to install Composite products?

With a few simple tools, you can install composite paneling in your home to give it an attractive and durable exterior. Unlike traditional wood shakes or shingles that require frequent maintenance due the need for painting them over time-composite panels don't have this problem because they're designed not splinter nor split when cut which makes them easier on homeowners' DIY skills!

What are the areas you supply to?

We are one of the fastest growing supplier of composite products in South East England. We supply and fit, if needed to all counties across Essex, London, Kent and nearby towns and cities.