Composite Fencing is the fastest-growing wood decking alternative on the market. Composite fence panels are resistant to moisture, weathering, and fading.

Composite Fencing for Existing Concrete Posts

For fencing projects looking to use existing concrete posts and gravel boards, we offer retrofit options using our composite fence boards, for a more cost-effective solution.
It comes with aluminum side channels to fit into the grooves on your existing concrete posts, top and bottom rails for a quality finish, and side-channel caps.
Available in the same 3 color choices of coffee, charcoal, and light grey and can be fitted with or without a gravel board. 

Ranch-style composite Fencing

Ranch fencing has in the past been used to describe a simple fence with simply posts and horizontal boards. Now Saige has taken the design and elevated it to a whole new level.
made from the same aluminium and composite elements used in their other fencing but given a different look you are now able to construct your own unique design with the options of 2,3 or 4 horizontal boards each with an aluminium top and bottom rail. This enables you to have a very contemporary look fence but without the usual solid look.
Available in the same 3 colours coffee, Charcoal and light grey.

Product in use


We have so much confidence that you’ll love our products once you see and feel the product itself in-use.